Download Temple Run for PC,Computer & Android [How to Use Guide]

Today we are going to show you how to successfully download, install and play Temple run on PC. Temple Run game is one of the most downloaded in the history of mobile gaming.

Temple run game is developed and published by iMangi studios for mobile phone users. For a long time it has been available for iOS and Android mobile phones, but we know you cannot wait, especially if you have experienced it on your phone, to play this beautiful game on your PC.

Before you enjoy the experience, you will have to take the following simple steps;

Prepare your PC for Temple Run with Bluestacks App player

You may already know that when Temple run game was developed, Mangi studios had only mobile gamers on mind. That is why it runs only on mobile operating systems like android, iOS and Nokia. In order to successfully run Temple Run for PC, you will first have to download and install Bluestacks, an android emulator. With Bluestacks app player installed on your PC, you can run basically any android app or game developed to run on an android operating system.

This app prepares your computer for android apps and games, like Temple Run, by creating an environment similar to that one of an android mobile operating system on your computer.

Temple Run Game

Bluestacks android emulator is a free app that is developed and published by a company by the same name based in the Silicon Valley. The app is downloadable from the company’s official website, Before you engage in the exercise of downloading and installing Bluestacks, make sure your PC has 2GB RAM memory.

“Without this you cannot install Bluestacks on your PC.”

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To download the Bluestacks android emulator, Click on the download button found on the website and save the installation setup file on your computer, or Just follow the tutorial:

When the download is complete, open the setup file you saved on your PC and an installation wizard will guide you through the process of installing the android emulator on your PC. You can sync your bluestacks on your PC with other android devices you own.

Download Temple Run for PC

With Bluestacks installed on your PC, you can now go ahead to download and install Temple Run for PC.The easier way to go about it is to search the Temple Run game, from the app store, in the search field on your Bluestacks app now installed on your PC.

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If you already play Temple run game on your android mobile phone, you can just sync your PC to your mobile and continue play from your PC. In order to sync your devices, you will have to download another app from Bluestacks website called Bluestacks Cloud Connect.

You can also go online and download Temple Run for PC in a zipped folder. When the download is complete, run the setup file and install Temple Run for your PC. After that, open the Bluestacks player and start playing the Temple Run On your PC.

Install Temple Run on your PC

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How to play Temple Run on PC

Playing Temple Run on PC, like on mobile, is about controlling the hero as he runs through a road with obstacles and sharp corners. The player’s task is to make the hero make the right turns at the right time to avoid these cliffs and obstacles. The further the hero goes, the more points the player collects.

To control the movement of your hero on your PC, use the arrow keys. To go left or right, use the left or right arrow key on the keyboard. To jump or slide, use the up and down keys.

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