List of the 10 Best SEO Plugin for WordPress

WordPress has become very popular over the years and we are going to look on its wordpress best SEO Plugin which you should use. The best thing that this website platform did was to come up with free blogs which has actually helped it get more users from all over the world. Many bloggers will tell you it comes with a lot of advantages such as these plugin we are talking about. It features a lot of things and it comes with the best themes fit for different niches. Some are given freely while others are sold.  Today we are going to look on some of the top 10 SEO plugin which you should choose to use for optimization purposes.

Top 10 SEO Plugin for WordPress

      1.  All in one SEO pack

All in one SEO pack

This plugin has different versions and you can choose the latest. It automatically optimizes your blog quickly and that is why you should choose it. This means it doesn’t need to be empowered or forced to optimize any of your keywords.

     2.   WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is yet another plugin for your WordPress blog. It features XMl sitemaps, Google Authorship Twitter cards, and FaceBook meta data. This means it will optimize your posts and do other works. For instance face book meta data is very effective when it comes to posting images since it will prevent you from posting a wrong one. it also prevents you from posting wrong descriptions and title thereby making your blog look nice in the eyes of search engine and all its viewers. Twitter cards on the other hand will help you view a link that is within your tweet.

    3.      RB Internal links

RB Internal Links

This is a very important tools since it hinder 404 pages which not friendly for internal page SEO. It actually uses the post ID instead of URL to link internally thereby helping the user to change the post or page URL easily.

4.      Simple URLs

Simple URLs plugin wordpress

If you would like to keep track of your outbound links and controls them then this is the right plugin for you.  the best thing is that you will do them on the WordPress backend. With this tool you can as well stop authorities from passing through the link. all you have to do is add ‘disallow:/go/’ and go to your robot txt file and disallow. it is also a kind of plugin which you can use to tell the number of clicks and people who have bought something using affiliate links.

  1. 5.      NextGen Gallery and Lightbox plus

These are two combined plugin because they work together perfectly. NextGen for instance is known in managing image gallery which helps in solving problems related to SEO images. It helps in determining the title of the image as well as alt tags. Another of its features is that it is flexible on WordPress themes.  Lightbox uses colorbox which is a script for lightweight jQuery image gallery and it performs very well without hindering on-page SEO. It is friendly and it comes with Lightbox appearance and behavior options.

  1. 6.      Widget Logic

The importance of this plugin is that you can be able to control how contents appear in different sections of your site. it is installed on your widgets so as to provide options  which helps in arranging widgets and where they should appear. The only problem with this plugin is that the user must be familiar with PHP code otherwise if the wrong input is made there can erupt some difficult problems to solve.

  1. 7.      Members

If you have different users on your WordPress blog then this [plugin will be very helpful. What it does is help you edit the role of each user and you can actually add more users or roles and also limit the amount of content they are supposed to use or have. Using this you can be able to tell who of your users is being more productive since you can know what each does.

  1. 8.      Google Libraries

This plugin helps in increasing a site performance due to its ability to use compressed scripts which allows the user to have file cached.

  1. 9.      W3 total cache

This is a caching plugin which has ability to handle everything from combined for JS and CSS to HTML  thereby perfecting the performance.

  1. 10.  Gravity Forms

This is one useful WordPress plugin and it is not freely available. Its work is to manage form and it has ability to handle any of different forms we have in the world. For instance it can handle basic contact forms with inclusion of seamless integration and with a CAPTCHA, contact forms which come with email routing and it is usually used by big companies. It can as well help in creating content and pages in your site. all you have to do is make a form and add data in it which will be used to create a complete post or page including feature image. MailChimp integration is also available on Gravity Form and it helps in sending information to the MailChimp.

Where to find best SEO Plugin

Maybe you are a newbie and we like minding everyone from professionals to those who know nothing about what we are talking about. That is why we are going to tell you how and where you can find these plugin. There are many websites where you can find this information and still on the same site there are plugin but the best source is WordPress official website. If you have a WordPress account this will be easier since all you will need to do is log in and search for any of the above mentioned SEO plugin and after using them you will notice a lot of changes which will be a great gain for your website. You can as well find other plugin which are not meant for SEO but effective in other areas and it is good to apply them on your site.

There are more than 10 SEO WordPress plugin which we can talk about but if you have not tried any of them this list will help you in choosing and you will be able to optimize your site and get better results. WordPress has as well posted information beside every plugin which will help you choose any other plugin of your choice. There are some which have been there for years but they are still effective and you should not hesitate to use them because of that. It is also good to check on plugin which will go hand in hand with others and your theme for better optimization. Do not fail to share these 10 best SEO plugin for WordPress today.


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